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wireless@SCU for Android

The following settings are for mobile devices running the Android operating system (version 2 and later). This configuration only needs to be done once - your settings will be saved and you will just need to connect to the wireless@SCU access point in the future.

Due to the many different versions and user interfaces of Android, the following are the general settings for wireless@SCU and may not be specific to your device.

Step 1: From your applications menu, choose Settings.

Step 2: Select Wireless and Networks.

Step 3: Select Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 4: Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled. Under Wi-Fi Networks will be a list of wireless networks that are available to connect to.

Step 5: Select the network wireless@SCU - a pop up window will appear asking for information.

Step 6: Enter the following:

EAP method: Select PEAP

Phase-2 authentication: Select MSCHAPV2

CA certificate: leave blank

User certificate: leave blank

Identity: Enter your SCU Computer Login* username

Anonymous Identity: leave blank

Password: Enter your SCU Computer Login* password

Step 7: Press Connect.

Congratulations! You are now connected to wireless@SCU. (Note the wireless icon that will appear when you are connected to wireless).

Please note: some devices will not allow the 'connect' button to be active unless the setting 'CA certificate' is set to 'Do not validate'.

If you have any trouble connecting (eg. *If you do not know your SCU Computer Login details) please visit the wireless@SCU Frequently Asked Questions.